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phat art for thin wallets #1 pins and slaps! - SKAM - VOXX - KITSKA - SINCANVAS - SHANE BUGBEE

phat art for thin wallets #1 pins and slaps! - SKAM - VOXX - KITSKA - SINCANVAS - SHANE BUGBEE

$ 9.99

the artists in the first set of phat art for thin wallets series was curated by Portlands most prolific street artist and my personal favorite, SKAM.

I plan on working with this particular group on my soda pop company revival… but that's another story.

for sale here, now, are enamel pins… all limited and never to be made again so it's first come, first get… these are collectible but most important, they are affordable, aesthetically pleasing and high fashion.

these pins are heading to a boutique in NY and a gallery show in Denver… they will sell out, act today.

you can purchase them individually for $9.99 each or you can buy the phat art for thin wallets box set for $36.66 while supplies last.



ALSO AVAILABLE is the SKAM BOX SET… this box includes all three of his zombie baby enamel pin variants, the black metal, the copper and the gold and they come in a ONE OF A KIND, HAND MADE, HAND NUMBERED STENCIL'D AND SPRAY PAINTED BOX comes with SKAM slapps and, AND  a birth certificate also ONE OF A KIND, hand made and distressed by SKAM himself… THERE ARE ONLY 23 of these boxes and they are being solve for $39.99.




underground meets the streets.

Underground of the street, is the most primal of art, the dangerous art, the art that wants you to feel, wants to destroy, wants to rebuild... from the street up.

street art is the art that sets the trend, the trend that is later killed by those who created the trend... yes, street artists both create the trend and kill the trend and they do it, egged on by the tickling harassment of the underground artists... the underground cares only for the history and humanity and life force of this blue dot and your heart and mind.

this box is a meeting and a meAting of underground and street art.


Please check out the work of these amazing artists and I think you'll see just why you are lucky to know about and have access to this steal of a deal!!!

SKAM: http://www.skamsticker.com/

VOXX: http://www.voxxromana.com/

SINCANVAS: http://sincanvas.bigcartel.com/

KITSKA: http://hellokitska.tumblr.com/

 SHANE BUGBEE: http://www.shanebugbee.com/