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TRUMP & CLINTON voodoo dolls - push pin politician pals

TRUMP & CLINTON voodoo dolls - push pin politician pals

$ 9.99

voodoo dolls - push pin politician pals


ARTIST: Shane Bugbee and Grimore co-lab

TALISMAN: stuffed voodoo doll


1% push pin policitician pals

Otherwise known as a black magic voodoo doll




Make those politicians feel YOUR pain.


These dolls are made with the intent of passing along the pain… from your home to theirs.


a doll of lesson and education.

an effort to awake the mind of the out of touch candidate.


issue oriented dolls full of the intent to push fwd issues important to your family.

not intended to cause physical or bodily harm to any living being.


a pacifist aggression… a novelty, a toy… a black magic laced voodoo doll.


each doll is over 6" tall, pro sewn, stuffed and ready to stick.


drumph and billary

comes display ready, packaged with full color art and special 2 inch black pins.


A voodoo doll for the rest of us!

Poke then in their ideology 

Stick it to the politicians like they stick to us!


Each doll is approximately 6 inches tall, pins included for hours of fun!