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SINCANVAS pillows.

SINCANVAS pillows.

$ 50.00

SINCANVAS is so talented it hurts me and most who encounter him... he's the kind of artist art lovers love and artists tend to hate, because of his extreme talent... a mural artist, painter, street artist... ahhhh fuck it, sincanvas is a fine artist and one whos art will go down in history, it will be appreciated, maybe not in this life time, but it will be appreciated... in a historic, museum context.

another artist brought to the artwork of prophecy e-home thru the artist SKAM's curation... beyond excited to wirk with sincanvas, he pushes me (shane) to be a better artist, he challenges and pushes art and the artists he digs to it and their highest power. it's artists like sincanvas that art needs, he feeds the arts and artists around him... he bleeds art. he bites back.


Stoked to hand make each of these very limited comforting pieces of art... phat art for thin wallets, accessible to all paying attention and in the now.

These pillows are made of cotton on the front and felt in the back... a mullet of a pillow.

SIZE: 25X11

I dont have a decent photo of the body pillow that has this baphomet last supper on it, but it is beyond the power and glory of satan... it is a body pillow for the darkest of harts who have the hottest of genitalia... yes, you must love to fuck to buy a sincanvas baphomet last supper body pillow.

I offer my pillows in two major variations - with fringe and without fringe... I do this for a few reasons, personal choice and the ability to offer the pillow at the lowest price possible... fringe costs money and time.

SINCANVAS enamel pins also available on this here site and are also limited and will not be made again, here: