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$ 50.00


This is my original art, well it is a digital version of a piece of wood burned art.

It is one thought I had on the baphomet that turned into a doodle that I drew with fire (pyrography) - it has more than a third eye, all of it's senses are keen and honed - honest to the bone - even when it lies.

I have really taken to fabric arts, I find it just another form of sculpting, layering and layering the layers... pretty muvh everything is sculpting to me... words, clay, salad, fabrics and stitch.

joy is what I feel when tooling around with sewing machines... I make these pillows to pay for the damn debt of art supplies and tools, in this case my sewing machines.

 SIZE: 26X14

These pillows are made of cotton on the front and felt in the back... a mullet of a pillow.

I offer my pillows in two major variations - with fringe and without fringe... I do this for a few reasons, personal choice and the ability to offer the pillow at the lowest price possible... fringe costs money and time.

I also have enamel pins also available on this here site and are also limited and will not be made again, here: https://www.artworkofprophecy.com/collections/pins/products/underground-meets-the-streets-box-of-phat-art-for-thin-wallets-1