Artwork Of Prophecy

$ 50.00

This is the book John Waters purchased over a dozen to give out as X-Mas gifts… so, that was a highlight of my career.

It is a beautifully, professionally printed, perfect bound book.

I also have a few dozen recipe cards thea wrote out and signed, so I'm going to include one in each of the the special signed edition I'm offering here.

the book is signed by her thru thea's signed recipe card. this was the only way to make a signed edition happen, she was in prison after all.

Thea is missed… I enjoyed our weekly chats. She became my replacement mother.


here's what others have said… 

"Her murders, and the fact that she wrote Cooking With a Serial Killer, are discussed in the Jodi Picoult novel House Rules."

"In 1998, she began corresponding with Shane Bugbee, who conducted an extensive interview with her over the course of several years. She began sending him various recipes, and, in 2004, Cooking with a Serial Killer was released. It included a lengthy interview, almost 50 recipes, and various pieces of prison art sent to Bugbee by the convicted murderer."

"Grandmotherly Dorthea Puente is becoming as renowned for her cooking as for being a notorious mass murder, serial killer and all around psycho"... THE SUN DORTHEA PUENTE has been accused of a lot of things... being a bad cook isn't one of them. You see, Dorothea ran a boarding house in Sacramento, Ca. and the care she provided was above and beyond other care providers, but one thing everyone involved in this case keyed in on was how awesome ALL of her tenants thought the cooking was... one tenant went as far as saying " Every Dinner at Dorothea's was like Thanksgiving Dinner!" NONE OF THEM WERE MURDERED... THEY DIED OF NATURAL CAUSES... I COULDN'T DO THAT ANYHOW, I'M NOT THAT TYPE OF PERSON... I'M TOO CARING AND I WORRY TOO MUCH ABOUT MY PEOPLE EATING... EVERYBODY CAN TELL YOU THAT, WHY WOULD I SPEND MONEY FATTENING THEN UP IF I WAS GOING TO KILL THEM." ... DOROTHEA PUENTE Convicted Killer/Gormet Cook



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