Artwork Of Prophecy

$ 333.33

hand made.

only 13 made.

I will add individual links to the individual ouija boards and their listings.

never to be made again!

Ugly Shyla Voodoo Spirit Board

Learn your future, speak with realms from beyond, hear the truth. Use at your own risk.

Ugly Shyla is a well-respected artist from Louisiana, she is known especially for one of a kind dolls and unique molded jewelry, she is also a performance artist and model. She was raised deep in voodoo culture and practice, this powerful board is the collaboration of two mighty artists, be aware of this if you choose to use it. 

Ugly Shyla supplied the artwork for the board and planchette, and fellow artist Shane Bugbee crafted it into the beautiful board, made of fine Russian Birch, hand screen printed, sanded, and finished. These boards are made with amazing hand crafted care. There are only 13 of these boards, and they will not be reprinted. Each is slightly different and unique. Includes planchette, decorated planchette box and board box, each is screen printed. Each is slightly different and unique.



you can find additional photos of each board at the following links...

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