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25 Nov '17


Posted by shane bugbee


The uncomfortable person, not subject... these pillows are made for many a reason, from trying to make the bills to shameless self-promotion.

one of the most value reasons is to take fringe, underground art and treat it with the respect that tired "masters" of art are treated... not that taking art and making it into a pillow is high praise, but it is a form of acceptance,.. not main stream or commercial but within a persons home, an object they will fondle and find of use... that is one of the highest forms of praise.

these are a few artists I feel deserve to be studied or have a voice that should be considered.

here are links to the individual artists pillow pages, more pillows of differing designs and/or variations of color from each artist to be added when time permits... all pillows are extremely limited... if you're interested, act today!

SKAM -  https://www.artworkofprophecy.com/products/skam-pillows

SINCANVAS - https://www.artworkofprophecy.com/products/sincanvas-pillows

VOXX ROMANA - https://www.artworkofprophecy.com/products/voxx-romana-pillows

BUGBEE - https://www.artworkofprophecy.com/products/bugbee-pillows

20 Nov '17

phat art for thin wallets series #1

Posted by shane bugbee

the first attempt at bringing a group of artists to a different audience... an effort to spread their word, their art thru pins, slaps and other offerings that are reproduced as to make them more affordable than a piece of original art.

love art? buy art! 

think art importnt? buy art!

I'm adding the individual ads in hopes you might spread the word.






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